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Confederation Line, Ottawa 

07-22-2016 19:03

Technical Brief 5
Ottawa suffers from critical traffic congestion at key times during the day. Despite having an extensive public transit system that includes a fleet of buses, the congestion has become so serious that it is restricting Ottawa's development.

The challenges are: Ottawa's population is projected to increase by 30% by 2031; public transportation is already at or near capacity; Ottawa's prosperity depends on moving people more efficiently.

Public transit is already the preferred method of commuter transport and private car use is recognized as a minimal element of the peak highway congestion levels.

This IFME Technical Brief provides an overview of the optimum solution for Ottawa being the introduction of a light rail transit system.

The Confederation Line is part adaption of the O-Train and Trillium rail networks and consists of a grade separated, high frequency service light metro project.

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