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Globalisation, localisation and the knowledge revolution are the three key driving forces in the world today

These drivers also clearly come under the gamut of an international organisation such as IFME whose member organisations represent municipal and public works engineers working at a local level.

A key objective of the Federation is to foster technical and cultural exchange between municipal and public works engineers worldwide. International exchange of information, innovations, skills and experience is even more important in today's global world than when the Federation was first formed over 60 years ago.

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IFME’s mission is to connect Municipal Engineers and Public Works Professionals, Public Agencies, Organisations, Institutions and Businesses around the world in order that they share a global pool of knowledge and experience. The aim is to foster continuous improvement in the quality of public works and wider community services.

Connecting globally 

Just as our own professional organisations provide valuable networking opportunities for our members, there is also a need to increase opportunities for international networking (and understanding). As with our national professional associations, and membership, it is also not just what you can benefit from membership – but also what you can contribute.

IFME provides an opportunity for you to connect through your association with your peers around the world. A good opportunity to do this is through our global discussion forum that you can subscribe to.

An awareness and understanding of different cultures is also important in maximizing the benefits of international communication and exchange. Public works professionals need to look/see/assess and consider if what is working in one country will work in a different cultural environment. Culture, expectations and our local environment have a way of dictating the approaches we take to solving public works problems.

Despite advances and opportunities to develop and exchange ideas and technical knowledge, it still seems that we have a lot to learn and understand about the way of life, cultures and customs of other countries. The hope is that IFME can be successful and expand its membership so that it can also contribute to friendship amongst nations and a peaceful progressive sustainable world. 

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