IFME Purpose

  • To enhance the quality of life of our communities globally through public works and municipal services

IFME Mission

  • To facilitate international exchange in public works & municipal engineering
  • To grow & strengthen member country associations

IFME Vision

  • To be globally recognised by our member associations as making a difference

IFME Strategy 2022-2024

IFME Activities

  • Arranging periodic seminars, workshops, training programs, forums, and congresses by and for the members 

  • Giving information and advice to members and others

  • Conducting and promoting research

  • Pursuit of strategic alliances with other kindred organisations or corporate partners that concentrate on public space and the representation thereof

  • Providing a platform for education, spreading knowledge, exchanging knowledge and network development in the field of the physical environmentOrganising an international conference every three years with public space in its broadest sense as the area of special interest;

  • Development and promotion of the IFME website and

  • Other lawful means that are beneficial to the mission of the federation

IFME Constitution

The IFME Constitution was adopted at a meeting of the IFME General Board of Directors held in Tromsø, Norway on 6 April 2011. The Constitution was then registered with the Chamber of Commerce in The Netherlands on 29 July 2011.

The full constitution can be downloaded here.

Key points from the constitution are:

  • IFME official language is English.

  • The IFME financial year is the calendar year.

  • The categories of membership are National, Associate, Individual and Observer.

  • Each member organisation has a representative on the General Board of Directors (GBoD).

  • The GBoD is the supreme governing body of IFME.

  • The Executive Committee (EXCO) comprises the President, Vice President, Immediate Past President, Secretary General, and Treasurer.

  • EXCO is responsible for operations, and the implementation of policies, plans and projects.