China focus for international knowledge exchange in public works

By Chris Champion posted 13-10-2017 10:35


Beijing, China: The June 2017 visit to China by the Secretary General of the International Federation of Municipal Engineering (IFME), Chris Champion, concluded with agreement to pursue international exchange of skills, knowledge and experience as an early priority.

Xie Xiaofan, Vice President of the China Municipal Engineering Association (CMEA), said that “Bilateral communications and cooperation with other international associations is an important catalyst for building sustainable, resilient communities”. IFME welcomed the CMEA as the sole national member representing China at its meeting last November in Kiruna, Sweden.

Mr. Champion, who is also Director International for the Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia (IPWEA), highlighted international exchange, and planning for infrastructure asset renewal, as key issues at CMEA’s senior management training on international contracting held last week in Kunshan. He continued this theme at the International City Underground Utility Tunnel Expo in Shanghai adding “The greatest challenge we face is rapid change in technology, demographics and global issues but there are public works solutions that we can all share”.

An executive meeting with Vice Minister Ni Hong of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Rural Development concluded the visit. Early activities to be pursued by CMEA and IFME were discussed:

  • Promoting communication, training and study exchanges between China, IFME and its member countries, for example, in sustainable approaches to infrastructure asset management and renewal; and awareness of the “One Belt and One Road” initiative.
  • Sharing and developing international codes and practices, and excellence awards, in public works and municipal engineering.
  • Introducing IFME to other Asian countries to facilitate growth, international knowledge exchange and more diversity of membership for IFME.
  • Coordination of study tour programs to Perth, Western Australia, for the 2017 IPWEA International Public Works Conference; and Kansas City USA for the IFME World Congress on Municipal Engineering being held in association with the 2018 American Public Works Association PWX Public Works Expo.
  • Jointly plan to hold the IFME Board meeting and an associated international exchange program in China in 2019.

CMEA and IFME are keen to pursue the opportunities provided by international knowledge exchange to build more sustainable, resilient and better communities.

About IFME: The International Federation of Municipal Engineering has 28 member countries represented by their national society of municipal engineering. Its global mission is to foster technical and cultural exchange between municipal and public works professionals.

About CMEA: The China Municipal Engineering Association is the national organisation of nearly 10,000 municipal engineering associations and enterprises across China including enterprises which implement large-scale municipal construction and management.

Chris Champion, Secretary-General IFME, and Xie Xiaofan, Vice President of the China Municipal Engineering Association (CMEA) meeting with Vice Minister Ni Hong of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Rural Development