World Federation of Engineering Organisations (WFEO)

By Chris Champion posted 11-06-2018 20:42


World Federation of Engineering Organisations (WFEO)

The President of WFEO, Dr Marlene Kanga, was present in Suva for the IFME Board Meeting and South Pacific Engineers Association Global Infrastructure Symposium. Dr Kanga was invited to make a presentation to the IFME Board.

The World Federation of Engineering Organizations is an international, non-governmental organization representing the engineering profession worldwide.

Founded in 1968 by a group of regional engineering organizations, under the auspices of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organizations (UNESCO) in Paris, the World Federation of Engineering Organizations (WFEO) brings together national engineering organizations from some 100 nations and represents more than 30 million engineers from around the world.

It comprises an Executive Council of 30 members and an Executive Board of 6 members. It has 10 standing committees hosted by countries for 8-year terms (and now due for reallocation). WFEO has a particular focus on the Sustainability Goals of the United Nations.

WFEO is holding its Global Engineering Conference (GEC) in association with the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) in London from 22-26 October 2018. GEC is part of the ICE 200 bicentenary programme, the 50th anniversary of WFEO and the UK Government’s Year of Engineering.

Information on the Global Engineering Conference can be found at

The next General Assembly of WFEO will be held in association with the next World Engineering Conference being held in Melbourne in 2019.

A copy of the presentation to the IFME Board by Dr Marlene Kanga can be found here: