Rotterdam: A city in transition

By Chris Champion posted 12-03-2019 09:56


The Municipality of Rotterdam is working to create an attractive Rotterdam through smart management and maintenance and by focussing on good use of outdoor space.

The rapid developments in the political administrative environment, the city's dynamics and the possibilities that modern technology present require the municipality to continuously develop.

Adaptation and renewal require innovation: new products, services and working methods that ensure better results in the management and maintenance of public space in Rotterdam. Better results in terms of sustainability and circularity, because the needs of citizens and customers are better met or because they enable smarter use of data. It involves knowing what is happening and going on in the district and responding to the needs and wishes of users.

Innovations are often developed in collaboration with the market. Examples of innovations in public lighting include the transition to LED, developing into a smart city, the multifunctional use of lampposts, open data and dimming lighting through telemanagement. We share the knowledge that we have in this area on both a national and international level.

The city faces a number of important challenges: climate adaptation, densification, circular economy, mobility, smart city and energy transition. By making the right choices now in managing the city and making smart combinations when it comes to our city's renovation and development tasks, we can ensure that our approach contributes to making our city future-proof.

Working in a more integrated manner causes less inconvenience for residents. In replacing the sewage system, for example, the public space can see immediate renewal, thus contributing to the city's transformation. We can seize opportunities to spend our budgets as effectively and efficiently as possible with a view to the climate resistance and the resilience of public space.

The role of the government is increasingly changing and developing into that of a facilitator and connector. Ambitions in the management and maintenance of public space can only be realised in cooperation with other parties such as corporations, utility companies and water boards. By sharing the management choices and improvement possibilities with residents and other key players in the outdoor space at an early stage, we ensure optimum coordination and cooperation in the future.

From 27 to 29 March, the Municipality of Rotterdam, in collaboration with the LUCI Association, will organise an international congress in Rotterdam.

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