Rotterdam plans for the circular economy

By Chris Champion posted 25-07-2019 23:07


Sanne Hieltjes, IFME Vice President, presented in Dunkerque at the AITF Annual Conference on Rotterdam's plans for the Circular Economy.

The Netherlands is seen as a ‘circular hotspot’ in Europe – a for knowledge and innovation in the field of the circular economy. Dutch cities have taken the lead in the transition to a circular economic model in the way of innovation, tendering, urban design, and materials management.

Rotterdam is one of these and has the most ambitious objectives of all. By 2030 the city wants circularity to become common practice, aiming to reduce primary resource use by 50%. In achieving this, Rotterdam seeks to create 3,500 to 7,000 jobs that contribute directly to the circular economy.

Sanne's presentation was about developing a roadmap for a circular economy.

To understand the focus in order to start the needed circular transition, Rotterdam needed to learn a lot more about the current state and possible interventions to set the transition in motion. They did research for determining their efforts for the coming years to have an overview of the challenges that they face.

Download the research "Opportunities for new jobs in a economy":

The website of Rotterdam Circular can be found here (in English):