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May 2024 Update From Sanne - Connecting People and Sharing Knowledge Worldwide

By Priyani de Silva-Currie posted 01-05-2024 17:18


Connecting People and Sharing Knowledge Worldwide

It has been really good to come together ‘down under’ in Melbourne Australia at the IFME Congress.  I am happy to share a few key points from our in person Board Meeting this week:

·       IFME Awards – each country to please submit two (2) award nominations before the end of May 2024.

·       VP Election – the process for the election of Vice President was discussed.  A voting portal link will be sent by Chris Champion (IFME Secretary General).

·       Committee Reports – verbal reports were received from the three sub committees, Technical, Marketing & Communications and Leadership.

·       Webinars – New interesting topics for webinars required, please submit these to David Jenkins (Technical Sub Committee)

·       Micro-credential Badges – New Zealand (Priyani de Silva-Currie) presented a link to a free badge for member countries to distribute to their member country governance boards and infrastructure leaders.

·       New Country Members – Pieter discussed the process underway for new members including Poland, Ghana, Kenya and Mexico.  Next year Namibia has also shown interest.

·       Future Green Cities – Please find link to website and registration link for all country members


Kind regards

Sanne - President IFME