Never let a good crisis go to waste

By Sanne Hieltjes posted 12-06-2020 01:52


Never let a good crisis go to waste

Article by the President of the International Federation of Municipal Engineering (IFME) on the SARS-COVID-19 pandemic.

2020 will go down in history as the year that the global economies closed down due to a global pandemic, the economic impact and how human society changed is yet to be determined. However, one thing is clear, prior to this year, the impact of a global pandemic was merely considered as a worst-case scenario but in reality, we never really gave it much credence. Well, now we have one and the impact has been devastating.

As I write this article on behalf of IFME it is clear that going into lockdown is far easier than coming out of it. For any prospect of life returning to that previously enjoyed, we are all dependent on the medical professions in developing a vaccine or alternatively some medication to manage the more serious consequences of this virus.

Read the full article:  Article_IFME_president_on_Covid-19.pdf