Resident Centric Worksite Management

By Chris Champion posted 12-11-2020 09:01


Resident Centric Worksite Management

Helsinki is growing significantly. One of the challenges is that many of the streets in the inner city are starting to need renovating. The City of Helsinki has produced a guide to improving residents’ experiences of street work.

This guide is intended to instruct street work planners and contractors on how residents can be taken into consideration in the planning, implementation and development of worksites. It offers researched information and a selection of practical actions to improve the worksite experience.

A worksite is an important communication channel in itself. It is easier to accept the disturbances caused by a worksite when communications are well taken care of: exceptional arrangements are functional, the worksite signs are high-quality and up-to-date, the worksite is clean, and the workers take the needs of the local residents and companies into consideration.

Download the Guide here (in English).