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The Symbiotic City

By Chris Champion posted 23-03-2023 10:07


This is the second contribution in our series ‘On the Road to Future Green City’ in which we explore the ingredients we need for a green city with a future. This in the run-up to the Future Green City world congress, Utrecht 23-26 September 2024.

The Symbiotic City

The voice of nature is loudly heard. The consequences of our devastating impact on biodiversity and climate are all around us. We need a positive vision of the future, beyond the many doomsday scenarios of disappearing species, flooded coastal areas and excessive heat stress in summer. The solution to these problems lies in the Symbiotic City: nature should return to the city and be part of it as a matter of course.

Living in a symbiotic city is nothing like living in cities as we know them in 2022. Now cities are areas where the ground is densely paved, where buildings of glass and concrete retain heat, and where the ground is invisible and used for cables and pipes. We can also live in a city where birds, insects, mammals, and plants partner with the people who live there. There is actual nature that attracts insects, birds, and mammals. At the same time, greenery makes people feel better and healthier in that city.

Read more about the basic principles of a Symbiotic City and where to start...

The full brochure provides strategic and practical guidelines for urbanites, professionals and laypersons from any background to make the symbiotic city a success. The book argues for a radical transformation and the reader is welcomed along for this hopeful journey.