Welcome to the Future Green City World Congress!

By Chris Champion posted 07-02-2024 12:32



From 23 until 26 September 2024, over four days, more than 3000 experts from around the world will share their passion and knowledge about the liveable green city with a future here.

The Future Green City World Congress is an initiative of the Royal Association Stadswerk the Netherlands and the Royal Dutch Society for Garden Designers and Landscapers (VHG) In Utrecht, they bring together the worlds of green and civil engineering, in cooperation with World Urban Parks (WUP) and the International Federation of Municipal Engineering (IFME). The congress connects construction, greenery, infra and water. By showing different solutions and by connecting networks in these domains, we are building a city with a future together.

As organisers, Stadswerk, VHG and the City of Utrecht warmly welcome you to the Beatrix Theatre in Utrecht. For four days, this is the place to hear the best speakers and see the most inspiring examples of green transformations of cities from all over the world. Above all, here, you can engage in conversation with peers from all parts of the world.


The Future Green City 2024 programme will be unparalleled. Experts from all over the world will come together and share their knowledge and showcases.

Go for a deep dive:  on Monday, 23, and Thursday, September 26, we will go in depth. Visitors can participate in +/- 4-hour Workshops XL on a wide range of topics or go on Fieldtrips XL to other Dutch cities.

Broaden your horizons: on Tuesday, 24, and Wednesday, 25 September, the Beatrix Theatre will be the scene of a lively conference-in-festival format. Participants will assemble their programme from various substantive topics and working methods. On Wednesday, 25, and Thursday, 26 September, conference participation can be combined with a visit to the Vakbeurs Openbare Ruimte (Public Space Trade Fair).

Some of the most exciting programme highlights are:

Adriaan Geuze - Keynote

The Netherlands is internationally renowned for its designers and engineers. It's not surprising when you consider that a large part of the country was built on the bottom of a dried-up sea. Adriaan Geuze is one of the most important faces in the sector. The professor of Housing Construction at Delft University of Technology is the founder of the West 8 agency, which works on internationally renowned projects in urban planning and landscape architecture from Rotterdam, New York, and Brussels.

How to become a National Park City - Workshop XL

What if your town was not considered a city with parks but a 21st-century park? A National Park City. Look at to learn more. Adelaide (Aus), Chattanooga (USA) and Breda (NL) will take you on their journey. Bring your city map and start your own National Park City Movement with their support in this Workshop XL.

Kongjian Yu - Keynote

Kongjian Yu (1963) is one of the most influential urban planners and landscape architects in the world. Educated at Harvard University, Yu founded the Beijing agency Turenscape in 1998, which carries out award-winning landscape projects worldwide. Yu was best known for his concept of sponge cities, designed to store, filter and reuse (abundant) river and rainwater by constructing green areas.

Stormwater management created a new park - Field Trip

Take a bike ride around and over the River Waal in Nijmegen, the oldest city in the Netherlands. Due to climate change, the amount of water in the river has increased tremendously. Instead of creating bigger obstacles, an approach was chosen, creating space for the water. A huge engineering job was done, and a unique urban river park was created, offering endless possibilities such as recreation, housing and room for water and nature.

Lilli Lička – Keynote

Lilli Lička knows the ins and outs of sustainable urban planning and social housing in Vienna. She draws her insights from her role as a landscape architect, her work as a researcher and teacher at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Vienna and her participation in civil engagement for a large new park.

Single Round Again - Urban Trail Utrecht

Some of our best examples are the hardest fought. The Singel is a 20-year project in the busiest part of the city, otherwise known as the open-heart surgery of the station area. How do you transform a 12-lane highway in the middle of the city into a green waterway? Where do the cars stay? What is involved in such a redevelopment? From its completion during the coronavirus lockdown, the Singel project was an instant success. Residents took the Singel into their hearts like it had never been otherwise. With a boat tour, volunteers from the Vergroening Singel Foundation showed how city water was turned into a healthy ecosystem.

Go to the Congress site for more information.