IFME meets PZiTB in Poland

By Chris Champion posted 29 days ago


IFME meets PZiTB in Poland

In June 2024, Pieter Wiekeraad, Treasurer of IFME, joined the conference of Deans of civil engineering and building faculties in Polanczyk, Poland. Also, Board Members of PZiTB, the Polish Association on Civil Engineering, were present.

Pieter also met Mr. Andrzej Drewiecki, an individual member from Poland and liaison to the Polish Association. Andrzej joined us in San Diego at the PWX2023 of APWA and is an IFME friend and contact.

Andrzej is very determined to get Poland involved in IFME and the international network of civil engineers.

Together, we prepared a roadmap to welcoming the Polish Association PZiTB as a member of IFME.

Getting new members acquainted with our federation increases the possibility of enlarging our network, as stated in our strategy, which was decided on in Rome 2022.

Pieter presented on behalf of IFME and outlined its vision, mission and strategy. He encouraged participants to join the Future Green Cities Conference in September 2024 in Utrecht, as organised by the Royal Association Stadswerk in The Netherlands and co-hosted by the IFME and World Urban Parks.

Good dialogues were had with board members of the PZiTB, and we discussed the possibility of having one of our board meetings in 2025 in Poland and membership of PZiTB to IFME.

Thank you, Pieter and Andrzej, for all your efforts in building the collaboration between IFME and Poland.