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Achieving SDG 6 (Water Goals): Contribution from Engineering

  • 1.  Achieving SDG 6 (Water Goals): Contribution from Engineering

    Posted 16-11-2021 11:02
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    The WFEO Working Group on Water (WGoW) is drafting its second report "Achieving SDG 6 (Water goals): Contribution from engineering", (available in this link) coordinated by Joaquim Poças, Vice President of WGoW, member of OdE -Portugal, under the supervision of Tomas Sancho, President of WGoW.

    The Water Group on Water kindly asks for your collaboration by filling the enclosed contribution form and submitting it before 30 November, to Joaquim Poças with a copy to Tomas Sancho

    Thank you for your contribution.
    Best regards,
    Ivan Juiz
    WFEO Secretariat
    WFEO / FMOI Webmaster
    Maison de l'UNESCO
    1 rue Miollis
    75015 Paris

    Chris Champion
    International Federation of Municipal Engineering


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