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WFEO Call for Speakers: Energy Transition & COVID Crisis. The role of Engineers

  • 1.  WFEO Call for Speakers: Energy Transition & COVID Crisis. The role of Engineers

    Posted 15-07-2021 15:10
    Edited by Chris Champion 15-07-2021 16:00

    WFEO Committee on Energy
- Call for Speakers
    Energy Transition and COVID-19 Crisis: The role of Engineers

    The WFEO Committee on Energy will organize a colloque online devoted to "Energy transition and Covid-19 crisis: the role of engineers".

    Note from IFME President John Thomson:

    I think this is really important as we are probably at the Betamax moment where decisions are being taken as to our future direction of energy development. Therefore this is a great opportunity to relay experiences and /or knowledge of how things are progressing internationally. This can relate to transport and wider energy demands, electric supply limitations etc. It would be useful to let me know if any such nomination is to be submitted for the 31 July deadline.

    This conference will be held over two days, October 6 and 7, 2021, from 13:00 to 16:00 Paris time to allow the participation from the five continents.

    Wednesday October 6th

    Introduction – Opening: Prof. Gong Ke, WFEO President
    Session 1 - Resilience of energy systems to Covid-19 crisis: experience feedback
    Session 2 - A larger definition for resilience: a new understanding of risks

    Thursday, October 7, 2021

    Session 3 - Energy demand: evolution or disruption?
    Session 4 - On the supply side: the demands of the citizens
    Roundtable: Lessons learned so far: the role of engineers

    Speakers' interventions must not exceed 20 minutes; each session will include Q&A. A detailed presentation of the sessions is attached to this call. Proceedings of the conference will be written and published; they will be freely accessible on the WFEO website.

    Speaker' selection

    A call is launched to the members of the energy committee to propose speakers for the different sessions. Proposals must be accompanied by a biography of the proposed speaker and a text presenting a summary (less than 1500 signs including spaces) of the main lines of his or her intervention which is necessarily a precise and argued contribution to one of the sessions.

    It will be very important to have proposals from developing countries in order to keep in mind the major challenge of energy access and to move towards gender parity.

    Proposals should be sent to before July 31, 2021 to be considered by the organizing committee.

    Chris Champion
    International Federation of Municipal Engineering
    IPWEA Asset Management Pathway