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Angren-Pap Railway Qamchiq Tunnel 

07-05-2018 18:07

The 122.7 km long Angren-Pap railway in Uzbekistan is an important part of the railway network of "the economic belt of the new Silk Road" in the connection of Central Asia and Europe. In which the Qamchiq tunnel is the longest tunnel in Central Asia, is the control project of the railway line, and is the 25th anniversary gift project of the country, which is listed as Uzbekistan key project.

The Qamchiq tunnel consists of a main tunnel and a safety tunnel, the main tunnel with 19.2 km long is a single-track railway tunnel. The safety tunnel with 19.268 km long is at the left side of main tunnel, with center line distance of 30m.A connected passage is provided between main tunnel and safety tunnel every 300m.The whole tunnel is arranged with 3 sets of inclined shaft for assisting the construction of main tunnel, of which the longest inclined shaft is 3512m, with comprehensive slope of 11.12%.The tunnel is designed and constructed using the principles of New Austrian Tunneling Method. The method of drilling and blasting is used for excavation. The safety tunnel portal adopt track-bound transportation system and other construction section adopt trackless.

The project is the EPC project with contract price of 455 million USD, which was commenced on July 29, 2013, cut through the whole tunnel on February 25, 2016, opened to traffic on June 22, 2016.

The Qamchiq tunnel is the longest abroad tunnel constructed by Chinese companies so far.The project has conquered the worldwide problems of frequent rock bursts and successfully crossed seven super long geological faults. Adopting full mechanized matching technology,It took only 900 days to complete the construction of a total tunnel length of 47.3km with safety and high quality, which is ahead the schedule 100 days.The successful implementation of the project was highly appreciated by the Uzbekistan President, the Prime Minister, the National Railway Company and the supervision unit German DBI.Uzbekistan State Television, Uzbekistan News Network, Information Network, China Central Television, People's Daily, Xinhua net and many other authoritative media have repeatedly tracked and extensively covered the tunnel's conquering of technical problems such as rock bursts, water inflows, and super long faults.

On June 22, 2016, presidents of the two countries jointly attended the official opening ceremony of the tunnel.

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