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Back-to-basics sustainability

  • 1.  Back-to-basics sustainability

    Posted 14-09-2023 11:59

    How we practitioners can fill the gaps in our infrastructure delivery systems to make our communities more sustainable

    by John Milne, Clark County Public Works, USA (

    The increasingly severe effects of climate change are alarming.  We are fortunate to have many scientists working on exciting new technologies, such as nuclear fusion, that can potentially be game-changers in the quest for sustainability.  But as engineers responsible for designing, constructing and maintaining the built environment that largely determines our future, have we done all we can to ensure our communities' sustainability? 

    In this article, John Milne asks municipal engineers and asset managers to consider how they might develop a holistic, "back-to-basics sustainability" strategy to make simple improvements to their day-to-day engineering and asset management systems to maximize their contribution, as practitioners, to their community's long-term sustainability. 

    Read the full article in the IFME Blog:

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