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Finnish & Netherlands Delegation visits APWA & Minneapolis Public Works

  • 1.  Finnish & Netherlands Delegation visits APWA & Minneapolis Public Works

    Posted 22-04-2023 02:57
    Edited by Chris Champion 22-04-2023 03:02

    APWA was able to set up meetings and technical tours for the Finnish Delegation (one person from the Netherlands) with the public works departments for St. Paul, MN and Minneapolis, MN. Minneapolis had Mayor Jacob Frey join us for lunch. He spent 20 minutes with us. Then they welcomed us at their council public works and infrastructure meeting. The first 4-5 minutes of the link below shows the great welcome.

    Minneapolis Public Works Director Margaret Anderson Kelliher talked about our Snow Conference, NPWW, Big Cities and our international programs.

    Really great coverage for us. For context, both Saint Paul and Minneapolis are cities within the U.S. that have populations of almost 500,000 but have metro areas much larger. We had a great time discussing snow fighting, snow wars, snow emergencies, tactics and equipment.

    This is a great example of the benefits of IFME and our partnerships.

    Scott Grayson CAE
    Chief Executive Officer
    American Public Works Association (APWA)

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