GNAMS Asset Management

gNAMS: global Network of Asset Management Societies

A global network of asset management societies has been established under the auspices of IFME.

gNAMS has a particular focus on municipal and public assets.


To provide an international forum for asset management and related technical societies with a focus on municipal and public infrastructure assets:

  • To come together to discuss, collaborate and share information and experiences

  • To advance internationally consistent approaches in municipal & public infrastructure asset management

  • To have a focus on the sustainable delivery of services through community infrastructure

  • To facilitate the purpose of gNAMS through meetings, information exchange, education and projects

  • To foster like-minded asset management associations

Membership is open to any society, association or institute (not individual membership) that includes a focus on advancing infrastructure asset management for sustainable service delivery through community infrastructure. This not restricted to member societies of IFME. 

Definition of Asset Management

The systematic and coordinated activities and practices of an organisation to optimally and sustainably deliver on its objectives through the cost-effective lifecycle management of assets.

 International Infrastructure Management Manual, 2011

Glossary of Asset Management Terms

Available for download here.

Benefits of Asset Management (IIMM 2011)

  • Stronger governance & accountability

  • More sustainabe decisions

  • Enhanced customer service

  • Effective risk management

  • Improved financial efficiency

Links to global AM Websites





New Zealand


South Africa


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International Asset Management Conferences


International Public Works Conference



Canadian Network of AM Conference


New Zealand

Advanced AM Conference


South Africa

IMESA Annual Conference







gNAMS: 3 Ways gNAMS can Help

Presentation (PDF)

An initial list of projects has been established to facilitate the goals and purpose of gNAMS including:


  • Establish webpages within the IFME website to facilitate connection, collaboration and sharing of information between asset management societies, their members and others interested in sustainable infrastructure asset management.

  • Provide links to AM societies and resources available

  • Provide details of upcoming conferences.

  • Provide a definition of asset management

  • List the benefits of asset management

Internationally Consistent Approaches

  • Explore the extent and opportunity to encourage internationally consistent approaches in sustainable infrastructure asset management, e.g., IIMM, ISO 55000, available courses

Other Projects

  • Define the governance and structure for gNAMS

  • Provide a PowerPoint Presentation set of slides to explain & promote the work of gNAMS


Convenor: For further information, contact Chris Champion (