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03-04-2023 17:20

Asset Management for Elected Members

Video Resources describing the need for Stewardship and Asset Management for Elected Members.

These 6-8 minute videos are available below in English, French, and Finnish.

- English (Canadian)
- French (International French)
- Finnish

Also available below are a number of other resources including:
Benefits and Drivers of Good Asset Management Practice (Joint IFME / IPWEA Information Brochure)
- Why should Elected Members care (AM BC Winter Newsletter 2023)
- Climate Change and Asset Management (AM BC Primer)

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pdf file
Benefits and Drivers of Good Asset Management Practice   7.03 MB   1 version
Uploaded - 03-04-2023
Benefits & Drivers of Good Asset Management Practice
pdf file
The-BC-Framework_Primer-on-Climate-Change-and-Asset-Manag....pdf   622 KB   1 version
Uploaded - 10-04-2023
Climate Change & Asset Management
pdf file
Why-should-elected-members-care-AMBC-newsletter38-2023.pdf   1.71 MB   1 version
Uploaded - 10-04-2023
Why Elected Members should care about AM
pdf file
Changing the Rhetoric   9.52 MB   1 version
Uploaded - 18-04-2023
Presentation to IFME World Congress, Birmingham 18 April 2023.

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